We know what questions to ask, and what products to recommend, to help you find flooring that will enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home. SupraTile is easy to maintain as in the event that a tile gets damaged, just pop it out and replace in minutes. You can install your interlocking flooring easily and contact our team if you have any questions. SupraTile is SOLID PVC polymer construction so they are comfortable and quiet to walk on. They are not noisy or ‘hollow sounding’ like most garage-type interlocking tiles.

The Baroque period produced extremely large painted scenes on tiles, usually in blue and white, for walls. The golden age of Persian tilework began during the Timurid Empire. In the moraq technique, single-color tiles were cut into small geometric pieces and assembled by pouring liquid plaster between them. After hardening, these panels were assembled on the walls of buildings. Tiles were used to cover both the interior and exterior surfaces of domes. Prominent Timurid examples of this technique include the Jame Mosque of Yazd (AD 1324–1365), Goharshad Mosque , the Madrassa of Khan in Shiraz , and the Molana Mosque .

Even though it’s easy to clean hardwood floors, they demand regular refinishing, re-staining, and resealing. One the other hand, because faux wood tiles are actually made of ceramic material, only minor maintenance using basic tile cleaners is required. One of the best features of modern floor tiles is their ability to replicate other materials.

At the room’s center, place a tile where the chalk lines cross with its edges touching the lines. Now, go to the tile row and, starting at a joint, measure along the row and mark the distance you just measured. If that measurement is less than 2 inches, go back to the center tile and move it away from wall A to create a wider cut tile. When awkwardly sized tiles can’t be avoided, place them where vanities will cover them later or out of the main sight lines from the doorway.

It was popular until the Qajar period, when the palette of colors was extended by yellow and orange. The seven colors of Haft Rang tiles were usually black, white, ultramarine, turquoise, red, yellow and fawn. Ceramic deals with small spills without problems, but should not be considered to be fully water-resistant. On the other hand, porcelain is highly water resistant and passes the ASTM C373 water absorption test. This means that after being boiled for 5 hours and submerged for another 19 hours , it has taken on less than 0.5% of its original weight in moisture.

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We have dedicated a special page to the topic of tile patterns, which is essential for geometric tiles. Tile design evolves over the years, but there are tile classics that stand the test of time. Among them, herringbone tile, arabesque tile, basket weave tile, hexagon tiles always remain contemporary. Discover this installation of Altro Whiterock and Altro Whiterock wall designs in the UNC Medical Center – Emergency Department Transition Unit.

Although ceramic is a hard, durable material, many circumstances can cause significant damage. If tiles are not installed correctly (i.e. improperly set mortar or incorrect grouting) the grouting will fail and the tiles will separate, come loose and crack. Luxury vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install and reinstall with changing trends.

Underfloor ambient heating can be a good way to deal with this problem, and most tiles are compatible with this kind of heating system. While you might appreciate the cooling effect of tiles in the hoot summer months, they can feel like walking on ice in winter. On the other hand, microfiber mops use less water and cost a fraction of the price. If you’re concerned about using steam on your floors, microfiber mops are a good option. Remember to scrub the grout lines every few months to prevent dirt and discoloration. You should also invest in a steam mop or microfiber model for deeper cleaning.

Save up to $1,000 on any waterproof flooring, or choose zero interest if paid in full within 18 months. Protect your most valuable assets and avoid a costly slip and fall accident. Our line of proven non slip flooring treatments will solve all your slippery problems.

Tile is one of the most durable flooring materials you can buy. If you take care of it, it will still look new in 20 years, unlike its counterparts, hardwood or engineered hardwood (in fact, here’s a comparison between tile & engineered hardwood). We will also review some of the best brands on the market, and compare wood-like tiles with other wood-look flooring solutions. We’ll finish by answering the most-often-asked questions about wood-look tiles, so that you have all the information you need to make a decision.