Imagine doing the same thing with your floor and fireplace. You can have your remodeling done in little more than a day with KNC, so you can have your dream kitchen or bathroom up and running with little delay. You may encounter many critics out there that will try to convince you that granite countertops may not be your best choice. They will say that they cost too much, are high maintenance, scratch and stain easily, or encourage the growth of bacteria.

Among our most popular countertop options in Cary, NC are quartz countertops, laminate countertops, granite countertops, solid surface countertops and soapstone countertops. Butcher block countertops are particularly popular as restaurant counters in Morrisville, NC because they are intended for food-related purposes and can be used as cutting boards. One of the greatest benefits to choosing a custom countertop is that it gives you a lot more control over what you get. When it comes to design options, prefabricated countertops come with fewer options than slab countertops. If you go the prefab route, you’ll have to choose from the colors, patterns, and edge designs that the manufacturer offers. There is no question that the countertop surfaces increase home value but ensuring that you have a solid fit for your particular home is important.

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Add white accents and cabinets, and the whole effect is amplified. This white, fresh kitchen design is our favorite for 2 reasons. Prefab countertops also lack the extra bits of customizations that add character to your home. The fabrication process can be done before the project is determined. This is known as prefabrication, or, fabricated during the process to meet the exact custom metrics needed to fit a particular room. Then again, marble countertops allow for a classic look for luxury and decadence.

Gokhan and his team are incredibly gifted craftsmen and are polite, honorable, and professional. We use CNC technology and recycled water on every project. “The staff is super friendly and quick to respond, and also very patient with going over different options.

This differs from Custom-slab, which does not have its edging and finishing applied until after it is purchased. While slab can be useful for certain specialized projects, it is not always as cost-effective as pre-fab counters. counter tops and vanity tops are ideal for commercial and residential both interior and exterior applications. Concerto Quartz is a harmonious blend of dove and frost grays, accented by charcoal specks.

We definitely recommend it for kitchen islands, breakfast bars and tables, however. The bumpy texture stops plates sliding around if your kitchen floor isn’t quite level. Costs range from $50 to $100 per square foot – that price might not contain installation costs! Expect to pay more for stainless steel countertops with an extra finish too, like brushed, hammered or quilted patterns.

Prefabricated granite countertops are often less expensive alternative to custom pieces. Since they are prefabricated, there are also no options for customization. A great way to cut costs while still having a beautiful stainless steel countertop is to choose a prefabricated stainless steel countertop supplier. These may be repurposed from another kitchen or made from recycled stainless steel slabs.